Thursday, March 14, 2013

Chores: Preparing Firewood For Next Year

While most folks, who are already prepared, probably have a couple years of firewood split and stacked, we are now preparing for our next winter season. Once the new Autumn begins it is too late. So get cracking!

We have so many chores to do on the farm, even without animals. On a rainy days you can work outside in the rain, do machinery maintenance and repairs, or work in the shed on other projects.

Here the field was too wet work in so we dropped a couple old dead oak trees, cut and split them up.

 Keep your chain sharp. Even this cheapy sharpener can keep you going on a long a day of sawing logs... especially after you hit one of your wedges.

Yes.. our young Paul Bunyan is smiling because he is sitting down instead of working... geesh.
You can see one tree down and the one with fire damage ready to go.

That is a lot of tree to cut up. Don't kill yourself trying to do it all at once.

I split up a cart full in the shed while it was raining this day. This is from some seasoned wood though, not the fresh cuts above.

This is what you like to see. Split and stacked for immediate use.

I like to stack my firewood loose. This allows more airflow between for quicker drying. It does take more space, just something to consider.

Your gas or liquid fuel furnace requires an electric fan or pump to move air, steam or water. How will you keep your family warm when the power grid fails?

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